The Challenges Faced With a Spinal Cord Injury

There are numerous challenges faced by those who sustain a spinal cord injury. This type of injury is caused by some form of trauma as opposed to resulting from disease. A number of different accidents are linked to spinal cord injuries including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, 18 wheeler accidents, and others.

Spinal injuries can lead to a number of symptoms depending on the area of the spine where damage has occurred. Pain and paralysis are among the most common symptoms individuals develop with these types of serious injuries. There are two categories of spinal cord injury, complete and incomplete, which denote the level of severity. A complete spinal cord injury indicates that total function has been lost, whereas an incomplete spinal cord injury indicates less serious or prolonged effects.

When dealing with spinal cord injuries that cause a loss of functioning in any affected area of the body, there is often a significant impact on one’s quality of life. Physical barriers may include requiring special assistance for mobility and having to undergo physical therapy for rehabilitation or maintenance. The emotional impact can be just as difficult to deal with as individuals are forced to make adjustments for day to day living to accommodate the limitations imposed on them by their condition.

Those who have suffered a spinal cord injury due to the negligent actions of another may have legal recourse to seek compensation for medical expenses and other damages they may incur on their path to recovery. A qualified Santa Barbara spinal cord injury lawyer may also be able to provide referrals for other helpful resources such as support groups for victims living in Santa Barbara, Laguna, Montecito, and surrounding areas who may be struggling to effectively adjust to their condition.

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